Jul 25, 2016 - Jul 27, 2016

CLE in Paris: Justice Alito is the speaker for three CLEs, including "European and American Constitutional Law," "Judicial Review in France," and "Top Things You May Not Know About the Supreme Court."


Justice Samuel Alito

Tulane University Law School

Université Paris-Dauphine, Place du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, 75016 Paris, France

Register here: https://tulaneuniv.ungerboeck.com/prod/emc00/PublicSignIn.aspx?OrgCode=10&EvtID=5036&CC=116042503651&SessionID=fa2fd1ffnfh4fh1&DictSeq=27&Lang=*&AppCode=REG&CultureInfo=en-US



Event added on July 7, 2016